Review: How I Met Your Mother - The Window Season 5, Episode 10

I'm really starting to think that Carter Bays was telling the absolute truth when he told Mike Ausiello that the writers threw the Barney-Robin relationship into the trash heap. He wasn't being coy about a future plotline; I get the feeling that the writers wanted Single Barney over Relationship Barney and wanted to make sure they got there as quickly as possible.

Why else would we see an entire episode of Barn trying to get laid while wearing Marshall's old overalls? Here's the problem, as others have mentioned: we've seen how much of a good guy Barney can be. So seeing him back to his old tricks seems a bit emptier than it used to, doesn't it?

Either way, the overalls gag kind of felt played out pretty quickly, though I did like Robin's attempts to thwart his efforts by telling farmer jokes. "Challenge accepted!" They're so alike, it's not even funny. "I actually dated that guy." That seemed to be the only acknowledgment that the first third of this season even happened.

Anyway, on to the other two plots. Neither really did much for me this week. I loved seeing a fifteen-year-old, rattail-sporting Marshall write to his thirty-year-old self, but for some reason, thought that the plot would have a better payoff. In the past, every time Marshall had a emotional crossroads about his law career, it led to a big development. All it led to here was him not being able to dunk, even after Lily lowered the basket by a foot, and Lil about to go to town on him on the roof. Big whoop. The most fun thing was seeing Old Marshall (who, for some reason, looked more like 75 than 60) send his young self some wings.

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