PARENTHOOD ''I Hear You, I See You'' Review Season 2, Episode 1

The Bravermans are back and more dysfunctional than ever in theI Hear You, I see You episode of PARENTHOOD. Zeek and Camille are in therapy, Sarah is still searching for a job, Joel accidentally agrees with Julia (at least in her mind) that they should have another baby while they try not to tell Sydney about where babies come from, and Crosby is getting increasingly frustrated with his long distance relationship with Jasmine while Jabbar is still completely adorable. Kristina is trying to teach Haddie to drive in her own uptight, scary way and Adam is still shouldering work and family problems and telling everyone he talks to exactly how much he has to do.

I hear you, I see you, sweetheart. Zeek has cut his hair, is going to therapy he hates, and is either trying to listen to Camille or at least trying to make her think he is. Letâ??s see how long that lasts.

Great Haddie episode tonight, which is such a relief after the end of last season. Her imitation of Kristina is darn near perfect and she very realistically loses patience with Max only to later thrill him with a sleepover.

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