'Chuck' Brings Summer Glau to the Buy More

Continuing in season 4's trend of rather awesome guest casting, it has been reported (initially by Entertainment Weekly) that Summer Glau will play a role in episode 8 of Chuck. Fans of Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles rejoice!

Glau will be playing the part of Greta, a CIA/NSA code name for a whole series of undercover agents. Each of the Gretas poses as a Buy More employee for a short time before disappearing to wherever superspies go next after Burbank. Olivia Munn played the first Greta in the Chuck season 4 premiere, and two other actors -- Isaiah Mustafa (that lovely Old Spice man) and Stacy Keibler -- will also appear as Greta in upcoming episodes.

Although we have yet to see a Greta in action (Olivia Munn's Greta merely gave Buy More tours and disdained Morgan), the casting suggests that all Gretas will be ready and able to kick butt at a moment's notice. They are also all quite lovely in appearance and hopelessly attractive to the more typical Buy More nerds.

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