Grey's Anatomy: Spotlight on Cristina-Owen

The last episode of Grey's Anatomy showed us a pretty new dynamic in the Yang-Hunt thing whatever it is and judging from the comments, everybody loved it. Cristina, the hardened cynic, and Major Hunt, the hot army surgeon with a lot of baggage, brushing hands ever so slightly on the corridors of Seattle Grace, flirting like crazy like high school kids after sending each other crazy mixed signals in the past.

As for me, I can't help but feel a little weirded out by Hunt. Of course, there's probably some logical, perhaps even medical explanation to how he reacted upon seeing the mystery girl (who, if we'd remember some news way back, will turn out to be someone from his past). The way he reacted upon seeing this woman was downright bizarre, and it just goes to show that there was a lot going on in Owen's (Kevin McKidd) past. And if anyone is capable of knowing how the past can go back to haunt us, it's Cristina (Sandra Oh).

Initially, we already know that Owen is a tortured character who is "fighting his own set of demons," little did we know that it is this intense. Do we like people with a lot of baggage? We are fans of Grey's Anatomy. Of course, we do.

With the way the audience is reacting, however, it seems that this new tandem might just overshadow the central couple MerDer. Then again, with that crossover with Private Practice coming up, something will be shaking in the so far calm MerDer waters. And the fact that it all happened oh so close to the proposal will probably make it doubly heartbreaking.

Going back to Owen and Cristina, however, if we'd remember, McKidd was originally cast for a no more than five-episode arc. In an interview, McKidd had described Oh's character as his soulmate. For his part, it seems that the character of Major Hunt figures as an encouraging and welcome counterbalance to the jerks that are the other guys.

Obviously, as Owen and Cristina are equally intense people, a relationship between the two will predictably be intense. There is very little drama yet, just pure passion. Perhaps it was a welcome break from all the drama between the other couples, namely MerDer, and those who just didn't make sense, such as Dead!Denny! and Izzie, and Gay!Callie! and Arizona.

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