FlashForward Episode 5: "Gimme Some Truth" - Recap

The fifth episode of FlashForward starts off ominously, as we see Benford and Wedeck's car and another collide head-on. Before anything more can be revealed, the episode jumps back a few days to show the FBI gang is on a road trip to the nation's capital to get more funding for the MOSAIC program. Early on, we see Wedeck playing hoops with an influential politician and ask him for his help in getting the team more funding for their efforts in investigating the flash forwards. This someone is obviously an old friend in a high place. Turns out, the man in question is President Segovia (played by the always wonderful Peter Coyote), who holds a press conference detailing the Senate Intelligence Committee Hearings are supposed to start about which groups should get what funding for their work on the flash forwards. Nothing too exciting here - except when we get a glimpse of the President's secret flash forward - when we discover that something very bad is going to happen come April.

During Benford, Wedeck, Noh and Vreede's trip to Washington, Hawk stays behind in Los Angeles to investigate the supposed Somalia connection to the blackout, dating back to 1991. Numbers' Navi Rawat makes an appearance as Hawk's martial arts partner and new lover, and Hawk's flash forward to a pregnant future is explored.

Back in Washington, the Senate Intelligence Committee Hearings begin and viewers learn very quickly that committee leader Senator Clemente and Wedeck share bad blood from Wedeck's days in the beltway. In the hearings, Clemente rips at Wedeck and the MOSAIC program's fragile reputation and demands Benford testify since his flash forward revealed so much of the information used in the FBI's investigation. Outside of the hearings, it gets even juicier, as Clemente tells Wedeck she still can't believe what he did to "that girl." Come again?

As Benford prepares to take the stand, Olivia is seen back at home worried about his stress level and his alcoholism (he's been sober for 7 years but the flash forward showing she will soon be with a new man doesn't help calm the nerves). She later realizes her worst fear when she receives a text message from a blocked number saying her hubby is drinking in his flash forward but nothing more.

In D.C., Benford takes the stand and, although he passed the polygraph test regarding his flash forward, he bombs Senator Clemente's inquisitions and Wedeck storms out of the room as Benford blows up in smoke under the pressure. Particularly, Benford tenses as Clemente asks why his flash forward is so much hazier than everyone else's.

As Benford takes one for the team, Wedeck plays his best card and asks the President to force the intelligence committee to grant MOSAIC more money. In exchange for the funding, Wedeck offers to burn the negative of a picture of the President with a much younger lady affectionally sitting on his lap. This lady, we learn, the President had some sort of affair with years ago and with who it appears he had a son, that is before paying her to fall off the face of the earth and out of the public's eye. The President offers Wedeck the nomination for Director of Homeland Security, but Wedeck doesn't give the prestigious position a second thought.

The evening following Benford's disastrous testimony, he finally reveals to Wedeck why his flash forward was so hazy - he was loaded. Wedeck loses it as he realizes he just begged for funding for a project based on the inclinations of a man under the influence (can you blame him?). However, Wedeck and Benford resolve their differences enough to agree that Benford will keep his mouth shut and the dispute is quickly overshadowed by massive gun fire from mystery assailants, who first crash into the team's car before showering their vehicle with bullets. Benford, Wedeck, Noh and Vreede all get out unharmed but at the same time as their attack, a jilted Agent Hawk - on the way home after having broken it up with her lover because of Hawk's confusing flash forward - is also attacked and is shot in the stomach. Lying in the street as blood lines the pavement, Hawk can only think of her flash forward where she is somehow pregnant and happy about the new addition to her life. She and the viewers are left to wonder just how she'll end up pregnant after such a serious injury if she makes it through alive at all.

So what did you think of the episode? Will Hawk live to see her flash forward realized? What do you think the ripple effect will be if she doesn't? And where will the MOSAIC project go from here?

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Oct 24, 2009 8:54PM EDT

All i know is that hawk is my favorite character, so she better live, or i'll stop watching it...no but seriously maybe she is happy about it because it's some kind of miracle she got pregnant after the shooting.
Let's hope she makes it.
so wats up with the Chinese/Japenese (Asian) guys trying to kill the Mosaic Investigators.
ps i don't like the evil dude (from LOST). just wanted to let it out :)

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