Review: Scrubs - Our Role Models Season 9, Episode 3

Since I saw the first two episodes via screener, this is the first time I got to see the "[Med School]" subtitle in the opening credits. Wow, talk about barely there... if you blinked, you missed it. I guess it's better than not having it there at all, but wow; it's as if ABC is really trying hard to tie this show to the original Scrubs.

I felt a little odd watching this episode. By all objective measures, it was a good episode; funny, good story, lots of glimpses into the characters' personalities. But, as in the first two episodes, most of the good stuff involved the old cast, mainly Zach Braff. And, since this is supposed to work more as a transition to a new show than more of the old show, this trend is getting me worried.

First of all, how much more are we going to see J.D. beg Cox for attention instead of acting like his peer? During the scenes where he acts like the latter -- watching the game with him and Turk, telling Cox to give Drew a chance -- it was good to see J.D. and Cox act more like veteran doctors/mentors rather than son/abusive father (at least according to J.D.). But when J.D. goes ballistic when he sees Turk drinking with Cox, or when he tried to upstage Drew in Cox's class, it makes me wonder if the new writers stopped watching the old show somewhere around season six. It's just too wildly inconsistent to make any sense.

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