Ricky Gervais Wants 'The Office' Cameo

How would you like to see David Brent and Michael Scott on the same show? Awesome, right?

Ricky Gervais tells the Toronto Sun that it would be a "fun" idea for his character on the original (and British) The Office to make a little cameo on its stateside counterpart, where Michael Scott is played by Steve Carell.

"Maybe David Brent (Gervais' character) bumps into Steve Carell at a world conference, I don't know," Gervais said. "It would be fun."

A world conference after a bungling appearance on the stockholders meeting recently? Don't count on it.

But Gervais, 48, who created and stars on the British version of The Office, is the executive producer of the Carell-led adaptation, so who knows?

He has another suggestion: for the Dunder Mifflin employees to gather around a television and watch his other series, Extras, his other critically acclaimed sitcom co-produced by HBO and BBC.

"And they're going, 'Oh, this is a good program,' and I'd love Michael Scott to go, 'Yeah, but they should do an American remake, and I think I'd be great in that role.'" he said.

Yet even without landing that Office cameo, Gervais can be seen on the peacock network. He is set to host the 2010 Golden Globe Awards airing January 17th on NBC.

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