Star Wars: The Clone Wars - ''Supply Lines'' Review Season 3, Episode 3

Ready or not, Jar Jar Binks was back this week. We'd gone quite awhile without seeing the infamous Gungan, who made no appearances in Season 2 of The Clone Wars, as the series got increasingly dark. That being the case, I wondered just how, well, jarring it might be to see Jar Jar again.

This was a very busy episode - a bit too busy. Following the attempts by Bail Organa to get Toydaria to assist in relief effort for Ryloth, while also portraying an intense battle on Toydaria involving Jedi Master Di and Twi'lek freedom fighter Cham Syndulla, this was actually a rather ambitious attempt to pack a lot into a 22 minute episode, that barely featured any of the main characters. As an aside, it was also another "prequel" episode, in that it was set before the show's first episode, "Ambush," as we see what lead to Yoda's attempts to bring Toydaria into the Republic.

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