Dexter: ''My Bad'' Review Season 5, Episode 1

Note: Spoilers for the entirety of the Dexter season premiere follow. If you haven't seen it, you've been warned!

"That's the first human thing you've done," Harry reveals to Dexter after an impromptu murderous encounter with a skuzzy douchebag at a rundown riverbank refueling station. Yes, welcome back, Dexter Morgan. After the grizzly end of Season 4, Harry didn't abandon you and neither did we. And hell, Harry didn't even mind that you broke, pretty much, all of his codes in one fit of bloody rage. You killed, well, a jerkwad. Not a murderer or a typical foe with an inner "darkness." You just wailed away on some redneck a-hole who pissed you off. Granted, you had a bad week. One of your worst.

The primal scream that Dexter let out after mauling that man in the bathroom was incredible. It was, to date, the most confused and enraged that we've ever seen our hero become. Unfortunately, getting to that amazing and cathartic point, which happens near the end of the premiere episode, "My Bad," was a bit of a frustrating experience.

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