Smallville: "Lazarus" Review Season 10 Episode 1

Ten seasons!? This is madness! I'm not going to lie. I didn't expect Smallville to make it past the fifth season, and now here we are, ten years later! The show has grown for the better and I'm glad the series is getting the sendoff it deserves. After an exceptional end to one of the show's best seasons, Smallville starts off running, and leaping... and almost flying! Pieces are put in place for the eventual (hopeful) return of Lex Luthor and we're given plenty of hints that a new villain is on the horizon. Plus, the seeds are planted for Clark's final journey towards becoming Superman.

The opening dream sequence heavily hints at Lex's return and also emphasizes the fact that a greater threat is coming this season. It's an important scene, if cryptic and reminds us that Lex is still a very important part of Clark's life, even if he isn't around.

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