Review: Swing Vote

In the past, it has been difficult to get the public interested in political films. This is especially true of younger viewers who are not old enough to participate in the voting process. 2008 may be different, however, with the "rock star" candidacy of Barack Obama resulting in high interest in the Presidential race and unprecedented ratings for news channels and programs when they highlight election issues. It remains to be seen, however, whether the national interest in real politics will translate into an appreciation of the fictional politics presented in Swing Vote.

Swing Vote marries mild satire with Capra-esque melodrama in a formula that works surprisingly well. The film also avoids preaching and, for a movie about politics, is careful not to take one side or the other. The movie is neither anti-Democrat nor anti-Republican. While one could argue that parts of the movie sound a little like a high school civics lesson, those segments are small. Certainly, if Swing Vote has a message, it's that "every vote counts," but it also has quite a bit to say about what both parties will do to get that vote.

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