Breaking Bad' Recap: Majorly 'Kafkaesque'

Breaking Bad divided its time this week between Walt’s surprise-filled hospital vigil with the recuperating Hank, and Jesse’s not-at-all surprising, but very satisfying, slip from recovering addict to a return to his old meth-slinging ways.

Walter and Jesse had a tense showdown in their gleaming new crystal meth lab, where Walt has been working feverishly to meet his drug deadline for Gus.

Jesse started yelping about the two of them being exploited by the sellers of their product, saying the two men deserved a bigger cut of the profits. Walt reverts to common sense: “You’re a millionaire, Jesse, what more do you want?” Jesse, who rarely sees beyond his immediate urge, barks back, “What’s more important than money?”

Cut to the wounded Hank, lying in his hospital bed, for the immediate answer to Jesse’s question. Hank’s health is more important than money, is what’s made clear here. Wife Marie tussled with an insurance-company rep over medical and physical-therapy coverage for Hank - big surprise, the insurers don’t want to help with the best care possible.

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