Smallville Episode Recap: "Warrior" Season 9, Episode 12

In Allison Mack's second spin at directing an episode of Smallville, Zatanna returns and meets Clark at a comic book convention where a copy of "Warrior Angel" that holds magical powers is stolen. Trouble ensues when the thief then transforms into Warrior Angel.

The episode opens at Met Con, clearly not unlike Comic-Con, or dare we say WonderCon? We follow a young boy as he makes his way through the madness until he comes upon a classic issue of "Warrior Angel" that no one has ever read before - it's much more valuable that way. After the nerdy (oh, it's a loving term) salesman leaves the keys in the case (duh), he's suddenly distracted long enough for the kid to make a run for it with this priceless piece of comic history.

On his way out he runs into Lois dressed as a storm trooper (did anyone catch a Met Con-goer dressed as Green Arrow?). She's trying to nail down a human interest piece for the Daily Planet, but having a tough go of it. As Lois discusses her lack of intimacy with Clark, Chloe is saved by the bell. Oliver texts that their target has been acquired, but Lois insists that Chloe drop her Blackberry and take pleasure in her place of worship.

Meanwhile, the "Warrior Angel" thief finds a back room to read his prize. The story seems to materialize from page to real life as he is suddenly transformed into Warrior Angel, during which, Met Con loses power and debris nearly falls on Chloe, but she's saved by the new and improved Stephen Swift, or so he calls himself.

From the Con, Lois phones Clark and asks him to pick up something from her closet. He is a bit tied up, or at least the bad guys he just caught are. He even nails one who tries to make a run for it with a can, all so he doesn't have to drop his call with his girlfriend. How, um, sweet? "What was that whooshing sound?" she asks when he speeds over to her apartment.

Cutting back to Stephen, Chloe follows him across town and offers her help. "I'm sort of in the business of helping superheroes," she says. "I don't think anyone's dad talked about that on career day," he replies. (Ha, you almost forget he's basically a 10-year-old now in a hot body. Whoa, that sounded wrong.) Not too wrong for Chloe though, who agrees to go for coffee with him.

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