Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 1 - Something Wicca This Way Comes

A witch is preparing a ritual at home when she is interrupted by a man she appears to know, dressed in a rain coat. However she suddenly realizes the meeting is not as friendly as she first thought when he stabs her, obtaining her power to light flames using her fingertips.

At the Halliwell manor, the two older sisters are talking about Piper's job interview tomorrow which has been aided by her boyfriend Jeremy's gift of a bottle of port wine. Prue mentions that she found their old spirit board while she was trying to fix the electricity which had gone out because of the storm.

Inspector Darryl Morris is at Serena's apartment, investigating her murder, when Inspector Andy Trudeau appears and reveals he has been visiting occult shops, following the lead that all the victims are witches who have been stabbed with an athame.

Back at the manor, the cover station has turned and Piper mentions that since Prue wanted a roommate to fill their spare room, Phoebe should come home and live with them. Prue disagrees, saying Phoebe lives in New York, when the door opens revealing the youngest of the Halliwell trio. There is obvious tension between the eldest and youngest of the sisters since Phoebe said "I never touched Roger," although it is clear Prue thinks otherwise.

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