Human Target 1.03 "Embassy Row" Review

Human Target's third episode was a clear step down from last week's stellar "Rewind." While it was quite different from the previous episodes in that it didn't take place on a near-inescapable fast-moving vehicle, it was the most inconsistent of the three episodes, and was on the edge of being incoherent.

The episode began in a fresh new way: a chase scene that didn't involve main character Christopher Chance. While the one doing the chasing is usually the bad guy, in this case, it was a good guy, Danny Cooper, who collapsed and died while in pursuit. In his final moments, he called his brother and gave him Christopher Chance's phone number.

His brother Aaron, a clueless journalist, was approached by Chance, who explained to him that his brother was a man who hunted spies. The brother doesn't question this statement from Chance, or even express slight skepticism. Either he's not a very good journalist, or the scriptwriters got a little lazy.

After finding out that Danny was planning to take down a spy at the Russian embassy, Chance goes in to take his revenge at any cost. There's a neat little scene where Chance reveals that the Secretary of Defense "owes him one," but this is where the episode takes a sharp left turn into confusion.

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