Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 9: "The Camel" - Review

I'm sorry, but this was just a funny-as-s*** episode. "The Camel" revolved around all of the misfits at the Pawnee Parks Department coming together to try and come up with a new and non-horribly racist concept for a town mural. The results were hilarious, with each character being able to instill their own level of brand-specific insanity into the mix. April (Aubrey Plaza) makes a dark, experimental morbid collage out of garage and misery, Ann (Rashida Jones) constructs a quaint picture of a park and Leslie (Amy Poehler) pulls out an old archival photo of a burning bread factory. They all want the Parks department to win the mural contest, but they also can't see beyond their own issues enough to present a mural idea that would actually have reach and appeal beyond their own personal taste. Donna's mural, complete with Greg Kinnear Jesus, was just amazing, especially since her character isn't that well-defined yet and isn't known for her hilarious antics.

Tom's (Aziz Ansari) initial flippant and dismissive attitude toward the abstract art piece that he buys was to be expected, but the slow build of his newfound and passionate appreciation for the collage of colors and shapes was one of the best thing his character's done in a long time. It was nice to get a break from his normal sleazy hustler persona and use that base to create some funny. The fact that Tom's cultural awakening happens so quickly and unexpectedly was amazing, and by the end he's throwing money at the poor artist just to try and gain another emotional relationship with a painting.

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