Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 3 - Thank You For Not Morphing

The sisters are going to a party at the new neighbors house. Prue is reluctant to go but is coaxed into staying. There, they run into Andy, Prue's "friend". Andy asks Prue out to a basketball game, but she declines. Prue goes home and finds a rabid dog scaring her away.

The next day at work, a strange man visits Prue. He shows her a ring which makes Prue feel nostalgic. Once the man says that she knows who he is, Prue demands that he leave and orders him not to contact her or her sisters ever again. The man tells Prue that he's staying at a hotel and he wants to have dinner with her and her sisters tomorrow night. She threatens him with calling security. The man says, "Is that a way to talk to your father?"

At lunch, the sisters talk about the visit from their father, Victor. The other two want to go to dinner with their father since they don't have any memories of him. Prue is adamantly against it. Ultimately, they decide not to see him. Phoebe goes to Victor's hotel room, anyway. When giving him a hug, Phoebe has a premonition of Victor stealing the Book of Shadows.

At the manor, the mailman is delivering the mail. His finger transforms into a key and unlocks the door. The mailman goes to the attic and takes the Book of Shadows. He tries to leave, but the book won't allow it. Prue comes home, so the mailman quickly closes the door and morphs into Andy. "Andy" makes a hasty exit and Prue goes to the attic to find the door blown open. The sisters have a discussion about who would steal the book. They decide it would be someone familiar. Prue brings up Victor. Phoebe objects, but with doubt.

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