Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 4 - Dead Man Dating

It starts with a shot of the manor. The doorbell rings, Prue answers, and it is Andy. Andy offers to take her to the Calistoga Spa for the weekend of her birthday. After some mild debate she agrees to consider it.

Mark Chao, standing in his yard with a large balloon that says, "Happy Birthday," and his mother are having a discussion about evil spirits. She offers him an amulet of protection which he kindly replaces right outside the door. Handing her the balloon he sets off. Mark is traveling through Chinatown when he is surrounded by a gang, while cutting through an alley. The leader of the gang shoots him, killing him instantly. He falls to the ground, and his spirit stands up. The gang proceeds to pour gasoline over his body and much to the silent and void protest of Mark, they set his body aflame and scamper off.

Back at the manor, Piper is working her way around the kitchen and stuffing envelopes with invitations to Prue's surprise birthday party, when Phoebe comes in and tells her to hide the invitations because Prue is coming downstairs. They begin to discuss Prue's birthday and gifts. Prue walks in and informs the sisters of Andy's invitation. Phoebe then goes to a hotel trying to get a job as a psychic. After some demonstration of her abilities, Frankie the hotel manager agrees to let her have the job. Meanwhile, Piper is trying to convince Prue to go to the Calistoga Spa, but to wait until Saturday.

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