Jon Stewart Hits on Jon Hamm (VIDEO)

Jon, meet Jon. 'Man Men' star and all-around "dreamboat" Jon Hamm was the guest on 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Comedy). And host Jon Stewart seemed more than a little smitten.

"I'm going to begin on an embarrassing note," Stewart said. Oh great. The comedian went on to mention how all couples get one "free pass" in a relationship. Well, for Stewart and his wife, apparently Jon Hamm is that "free pass." Not for Stewart's wife -- but for Stewart himself.

With that little "note" out of the way, the host apparently felt free to flirt to his heart's content. Hamm seemed okay-ish with the whole thing, though he did slightly hedge his bets: "That's going to make the rest of this interview, uh, 'interesting,' to say the least."

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