HUGE 'Movie Night' Review Episode 5

With each episode of HUGE, the weight issue that initially made the show intriguing begins to take a back seat to the characters and their familiar teenage struggles. This is a good thing, and perhaps even the intent of the show's creators. The personalities of the characters are coming together. And we can finally talk about them as something more than just one-dimensional, assigned role.

The episode 'Movie Night' is tinged with a whodunit mystery, regarding who actually did it in their sleeping bag at last year's camp movie night. Chloe turns out to be the heroine of the incident. This year campers weren't allowed sleeping bags, but Chloe still gets some first base action with Trent. It is unclear if she gets any more than that. But it is clear that Trent has some sort of fascination with Ian and his music/talent. Ian and Will make up from last week's fight over her journal; and they agree to write songs together. Being abandoned by Chloe, Amber is in a stew and unsure whether George likes her or not; he seems to be torn about his feelings, too. The land surveyor Wayne comes back to the camp to build the fence at the property line. In case she is sending the wrong signals, Dr. Rand clearly states to him that she just needs a fence. Love really is a nightmare.

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