Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2, Episode 18 - "The Zillo Beast" Review

While not one of my favorites, this was an entertaining episode - which also benefited from some cool little touches, in both the writing and animation.

This was, obviously, all a big homage to Godzilla - a series supervising director Dave Filoni has noted was a favorite of his growing up. And it was certainly a fun scenario to explore in the Star Wars universe, in an episode that made use of all of the classic Godzilla/Japanes monster movie staples - from a super (pseudo-nuclear) weapon being the thing that awakens the beast, to many familiar visuals, such as the horde of tanks ineffectually shooting at the pointedly-named Zillo Beast.

There were a lot of impressive visuals here, which helped me bump up my score. The way the "electro proton bomb" worked was pretty striking, as it first caused a nuke-like mushroom cloud with its initial blast, only to be followed by a wave of blue energy that knocked out all the Battle Droids, and even caused Anakin's mechanical arm to flow with energy (though it actually would have been interesting to handicap Anakin by having his arm cease to work completely).

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