Sons of Anarchy: Jax Takes a Hike

The bloody prison fight, Bobby's speech for healing and Gemma's dinner have not improved the tension between Jax and Clay by one bit on Sons of Anarchy, and unfortunately, the death of Luanne has further added salt to the injury. In the episode "Fa Guan," we see more loathing than ever before as Clay blames Jax for Luanne's murder and uses her death as an excuse to shutdown the porn factory.

With the club's gun factory and porn studio burning to the ground courtesy of Zobelle, Clay uses this opportunity to reclaim his stance as leader of the club, much to the chagrin of Jax, who eventually decides to walk away and go nomad. This drastically marks Jax's official separation from the club he once knew and loved, and this officially forces the rest of club to pick a corner between Jax and Clay in the coming episodes.

While the aftermath of the Jax-Clay fallout is interesting alone, there's another aspect of Sons of Anarchy that's taking the spotlight these days. The show has seemingly sent Opie and Tig into different places this season and it's all because of Donna's death. Opie has struggled to get over the death of his wife Donna by turning into a different man--- someone who has turned his back on his responsibilities as a father and someone who's not afraid of violence. And in the process of this transformation, he's developed closer ties with Clay and a very strained relationship with his best friend Jax. Tig, on the other hand, is the last person you'd expect to question Clay's judgment but the guilt over Donna's death is clearly taking a toll on him and it's only a matter of time before he finally cracks and fess up.

Meanwhile, there's also Bobbie, who seems to be getting wiser each week. It looks like he's just a couple of inches away from unraveling the truth behind Donna's death and when he does, SAMCRO will be divided more than ever.

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Nov 4, 2009 11:08PM EST

The show gets better and better. Im always watching the reruns to hold me over until Tuesdays. Im waiting for Jons story to come out. From last season it looks like Clay killed him or set it up. I saw a preview for next episode where Gemma says something about it. Its coming down on all ends. The tension is about the blow


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Nov 5, 2009 8:47AM EST

this show is fantastic at last jax's is moving on wihch means we should get back to what the club is about and getting the job done taking out zobelle

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