Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 10 - Appetite for Destruction

Joey, Pacey, Jack, and Audrey are at Grams’ house preparing for their Sunday dinner. After various sly comments about Pacey’s cooking, Joey questions the others as to where Jen and Dawson are, considering the film festival ended a day earlier. Jack informs her that they are staying in New Hampshire for an extra day.

Meanwhile, outside of Grams’ house Dawson and Jen are unloading their belongings from the car. Before entering the house, the two discuss whether or not to tell others about their new relationship. They decide to enjoy what they have together and keep it between them.

Inside, thinking that they are alone, Dawson and Jen begin making out, only to be caught by Audrey, Jack, Pacey and Joey. Lots of awkward glances between the two groups.

The group is now picking at Pacey’s cooked risotto, not saying a word to one another. Audrey, thinking that Joey needs some serious girl talk, pretends to drop some of the rice on herself and drags Joey to the bathroom with her.

In the bathroom, Joey insists that she’s okay, saying that they just had a fun weekend, and it’s not like she has never seen them kissing before. But Audrey frankly points out that what Dawson and Jen were doing, was not casual. It’s clear to her that the two had sex. Audrey begs for some sort of reaction from Joey. Jen interrupts the conversation asking if Audrey would like to borrow a shirt.

Now, only the boys are at the table, and Pacey and Jack are begging for details of the trip. Dawson claims that there is nothing to share. But Pacey notes that Dawson is obviously concerned about Joey and her reaction. Jack guesses that Joey won’t have a problem with some kissing, unless of course, something more happened. Dawson excuses himself from the table, leaving Jack and Pacey to discuss whether or not they had sex. Jack is convinced they did because Jen just has that look.

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