Smallville Episode Recap: "Absolute Justice" Season 9, Episode 11

In a special two-hour movie titled "Absolute Justice," Clark finds the former headquarters of the Justice Society of America, meeting a few superheroes along the way, including Dr. Fate, Hawkman and Star Girl. Clark teams up with Oliver, John Jones and Chloe to stop the villian Icicle before he murders another member of the JSA. Lois finds herself investigating the Justice Society, leading to the arrival of a package from Amanda Waller and Checkmate.

The movie opens on Chloe leaving a message for Clark, who's been MIA for a while. She's been trying to set up an official meeting with their super gang. Ah, the good old days. Suddenly, power goes out for blocks and Chloe finds herself alone on the street.

A super named Sylvester Pemberton (aka the Star Spangled Kid) catches up to her and says they have something in common: They're both trying to put a team together. He knows her as Watch Tower, but says it's OK because he's a friend. Before their conversation can go any further, SSK throws Chloe in a dumpster to protect her from Icicle's wrath. An epic battle ensues outside of the trash bin, but when the snow settles, SSK is slain. "They came after us; they'll come after you," he says before he dies. "Check..." mate?

Clark arrives at the hospital to check on Chloe. The frostbite is the least of her worries, since Clark hasn't been returning her calls. "I've been playing phone solitaire. Not nearly as much fun," she says, before adding that he needn't apologize as she understands he's juggling being a super, a boyfriend and the new leader of Kandor.

"I'm only helping them find their place here. They're trying to make Earth their home," he says. Chloe scoffs thinking Clark expects them to take up ordinary jobs. Their Krypto-conversation is short-lived as they try to decipher who the mystery man was that contacted Chloe. She proceeds to clone his cell phone, while Clark witnesses a girl learning of SSK's death. He tries to comfort her, but she sees his reporter badge on his chest and takes off. Clark is then off to investigate SSK's final phone call.

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