Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 12 - Sleeping Arrangements

Pacey is on the boat when he gets a visit from Melanie, his summer diversion. She tells him that her uncle sold the boat but bought another one and wants him to sail around the Greek Islands with him. Pacey doesn’t seem sure.


Jen is putting on makeup when Dawson comes in. Dawson wants to use her toothbrush as she used his to apply makeup, but she is very territorial about her things. Dawson wants to spend time with her but she doesn’t have the time.

Joey is in Wilder’s class. A guy keeps staring at her from the back of the room. Wilder calls her up after class and calls the guy, Elliott, out. After Wilder leaves, Joey remembers that Elliott is the guy who talked to her at the party at the beginning of the year and then slept with Audrey. He asks her out but she blows him off.

When a CD skips while Jen is on the radio, she takes a caller request, and the girl just wants to talk about relationships.

Over at the frat, Jack and Dawson check out Jack’s new room. He wonders how he got it. The upperclassman “Blossom” tells him that it was a lottery. But Jack sees that it was Blossom’s room and that he is now moving in with a freshman named Eric. Jack senses something isn’t right.

At the restaurant, Danny and Audrey banter and Pacey tries to tell him about the boat, but Danny won’t let him get a word in edgewise.

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