Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 13 - Something Wilder

Jen leads Dawson through the house with his eyes closed. She surprises him with school supplies for his first day at the film school, including an E.T. Trapper Keeper. Dawson accepts graciously.


Joey and Elliott are in her room discussing Wilder's book. He doesn't like it and thinks that she only does because Wilder is cute. Audrey arrives and good-naturedly teases Elliott who leaves. She then grills Joey about her new boyfriend.

Jen goes to the frat to drop off Jack's mail. He opens it, and Jen scolds him about his notification of being on academic probation. He blows her off.

Dawson arrives at school and Oliver, the guy from the film festival, sees him. He says obnoxious things about all the people in the room, and Dawson says he wants to introduce himself around.

Jen is on the air when Audrey calls in and rambles about booty. Jen tells her that her problem is her negative energy. She tells her she should use her humor and have tea with a worthy man.

Jack tells Blossom about his academic probation, and Blossom freaks out, telling him that it makes the house look bad. Jack is thrown by his reaction.

Back at the film school, Oliver gives Dawson his new script: he wants Dawson to direct it.

Elliott asks Joey out for Friday night and she accepts. Then Professor Wilder arrives. Elliott leaves, and Wilder tells her that their Lizarre project is done. He is taking the team out to dinner on Friday to celebrate. After he leaves, Joey realizes she double-booked.

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