Jon Gosselin Worried About Pedophiles, Wants Compensation from TLC

Even though Monday marked the end of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the drama of the Gosselins hasn't stopped. Well, Jon Gosselin's anyway. The reality TV dad ranted once again, revealing how worried he's been about his kids. Apparently, a leaked tape has surfaced, coming from Jon's so-called celebrity friend Michael Lohan.

On the audio recording acquired by Radar Online, the father of eight talked about his feelings regarding the show. He thought that putting his kids in the public eye poses a number of dangers for them, which he didn't intend. Admittedly, these realizations are a little late, but Jon Gosselin has never really been that ashamed to talk about them.

"I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet and they never got paid for it?" the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad said. "It's disgusting."

It doesn't seem as though he wants to be that great a father to the kids, but would rather get money for their hard work. Jon then went on to accuse the network of taking money for two of the Gosselin kids' magazine appearances without giving any back.

He continued to blame TLC, hoping to make further financial deals to be compensated for his children's work. It took him months to gather the courage to speak up against the network, saying they threatened him if he did.

"They tried to scare tactic me," Jon Gosselin explained. But in the end, he decided to just divulge this information, most likely mentioning it in the lawsuit against him, because of what it would do to the network.

"If that information became public, can you imagine? Their stock would tank," the Jon and Kate Plus 8 father declared.

However, the publication maintains that TLC never did get paid for the appearances the kids made on magazines. It was simply done for publicity. Kind of like everything Jon Gosselin does.

Near the end of the tape, the reality star never really sounded concerned about the welfare of his brood. He easily gave up custody of the kids to Kate during their divorce battle, so his thoughts leaning towards money in this case is no surprise at all.

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