Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 14 - Guerilla Filmmaking

While directing Oliver's movie, Dawson has to deal with Audrey's complaints about Oliver's kissing skills and he has to recast the other lead role after watching the footages and discovering that Oliver stinks as an actor. Not only must he find someone who can act, but also someone who is hot, and charismatic in less than 6 hours. He ends up hiring Charlie, who fit the profile perfectly. During the shoot, Audrey has a crisis and locks herself in the bathroom because she kissed Pacey and felt like she was betraying her best friend. They have to call Joey, who was over at Professor Wilder's house, for help. After Joey's blessing, Audrey is back on the set so they can finally finish the shoot. Meanwhile, Jack is fed up with his brothers and decides to move out of the fraternity house. He and Eric have a moment and later in front of the other guys Eric accuses Jack of trying to kiss him.

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