Recap: "A Clear and Present Danger"

With "Fugitives," Heroes returns from a long winter nap with course-correction on its mind. As such, much of this Volume 4 kickoff does a lot of scene-setting, as we check in on our friendly world-savers as they struggle to live normal lives. Claire is applying to college, Parkman is working as a security guard, Mohinder is back driving his cab, Tracy trades in her junior senator for a governor, Peter is working as an EMT, and Nathan is back on Capitol Hill. Nathan has some new friends who dress all in black and create a scenario that forces our heroes to return to their super ways.

* Playing catch-up

As the episode starts, the only people not concerned with giving up their ability-fueled activities are Sylar, Daphne and Hiro, who doesn't even have his powers anymore. Even though we last saw Sylar unconscious on the floor of Primatech as it came burning down around him, the skull-slicer is alive and well, and he's got some daddy issues. His quest to find his father leads him to Baltimore, where he finds Martin Gray, the walking cliché of a deadbeat dad. Martin tells him that he's actually Sylar's uncle, but that he raised little Sylar after his father took off. Sylar's real father, according to Martin, is a taxidermist named Samson. (We'll get back to this in a bit.)

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