Pilot "Before and After" Recap

Mason McGuire, V.P. Art Director (Eric McCormack) and Connor, V.P. Copywriter (Thomas Cavanagh), sit by the pool discussing their lifelong ambitions of working in advertising. Connor is not phased and even happy that the two are hung over on such a beautiful day. RGM, their work, call and Connor instructs Mason to ignore it, which he ignores as soon as Connor is distracted enough by a beautiful woman sitting across the pool. Gordon Benedict, the V.P. Account Director, asks Mason if Connor is around, to which he lies. Benedicts asks them to return from LA where they are supposed to be doing a Prince photo shoot in order to help out on an Arc Mobile account that's struggling. Mason's unimpressed and unresponsive until Benedict mentions that the ad might run during the Superbowl.

Connor and Mason race back to Rothman Green & Mohr Advertising in Chicago to give the account their best shot. Connor has a ridiculous idea about an epic coliseum battle between a lion and spar-text-icus, the cell phone and sword-wielding gladiator. As they are arguing about Greek and Roman gods, Stu Hoffman, the V.P. Creative Director, their boss, approaches them, confused as why they are back at home. Benedict has to tell him his campaign is dead and he has a mini-meltdown. Correction: he has a huge meltdown where he screams at Benedict and throws a DVD into the wall. After Stu leaves, Benedict tells them that the campaign needs a new direction. Mason has to break this news to Stu and he doesn't take it lighly, especially when he finds out that Tony, his boss, has heard about it.

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