End of Drama on 'The Real World: Cancun'?

While some fans of The Real World franchise may balk at the idea of a drama-less Real World house, let's face it: it can get tiring at times. On its 22nd season, The Real World: Cancun had a lot of promise of drama starting from day 1. When Ayiiia apologized to Emilee after calling her "annoying" several times, Real World: Cancun fans and MTV itself, truthfully or not, were alarmed that maybe the show is losing the drama which it has made its ultimate selling point for the past 20 or so seasons.

Talking to someone on the phone, Ayiiia said of Emilee, "I think she's so annoying. Grow the f up." Outside, talking to Jasmine, meanwhile, Emilee said that "She has never said sorry, and the day she says sorry, this is all going away, pigs are gonna be flying in the sky, that's the day that Ayiiia says sorry."

Either by coincidence or masterful editing, the scene cuts to Ayiiia walking outside to - guess what - apologize. "I need to get something off my chest real quick," she said, but you know off the bat that she was lying through her teeth.

"I want to say sorry for some of the comments I said yesterday, one in particular, the adoption one. I shouldn't have thrown that out there, but it was caught in the moment, and I just didn't know what else to say... I don't even know how to fix this."

Just when we thought things are surprisingly happy on The Real World: Cancun, Emilee said she believes in second chances, but not for people who intentionally mentions she's adopted just for the heck of it. Yet on Derek's party, everyone, including Emilee and Ayiiia, seems at ease with each other again.

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Jul 22, 2009 1:21PM EDT

drama IS the real world .....an this is y ppl watch it

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