America's Next Top Model: Paulina Porizkova Unleashes Rage in Blog

We all thought it was over between Paulina Porizkova and America's Next Top Model, but it looks like one of them has a hard time letting things go. It's easy to guess who. The former judge of the reality series was invited by Modelinia and The Huffington Post to keep writing for them, and her first article was about how she was fired from the show on her birthday.

Paulina Porizkova revealed (again) that she lost her job on America's Next Top Model through the phone. "I got a lot of harrumphing and vague "I-got-some-bad-news" mumbling," she explained.

The model went on to write: "Two things hit me simultaneously: the heavy thud of realization that I am not wanted, not liked, not worth my salt, not loved--yes, I know this sounds a little over-the-top, but I have the tendency to run with the negatives--and the lightening of a burden lifted; I would no longer have to worry about missing my children's recitals, date nights with my husband, and all that family life has to offer."

It does seem like she's milking the sap story for all its worth, but we're honestly out of sympathy for Paulina. She rambles on about her horrid experience on America's Next Top Model in anger, tiring us all. However, her blog entry is a pretty good read when you focus on the witty metaphors.

"Generally, admitting to a weakness in a cutthroat setting is far braver than keeping a stiff upper lip, but unless you are Jimmy Stewart in a Hollywood movie, the consequences are the same as announcing you've twisted your ankle to a bunch of muggers."

She goes on to say that getting the boot at forty is like a slap in the face, which makes you reevaluate your entire life. "In all honesty, getting fired from Top Model was nowhere near as tragic as I'd like to make out," Paulina wrote.

"It's mostly a slight public humiliation, and one that I decided to perpetuate myself. It in no way compares to the thousands of people who have been laid off and are struggling to survive. Still, I wouldn't have minded to walk away with an extended middle finger and a victorious "I quit!""

Paulina also notes that she's available for hire.

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