"2:00pm to 3:00pm" Recap

Look out, rural Ohio - 24 is after you tonight. The evil General Dubaku has had enough of President Allison Taylor's guff, and will use the magical CIP device to poison the water or the air or the plumbing of a small Ohio town called Kidron. 24 already has a pretty high death count this season, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it rise exponentially over the next few episodes. This Dubaku character does not dick around. Jack Bauer will probably face off with Dubaku tonight, and Jack is probably going to kill him, because that's how he rolls. The old 24 gang is together tonight - Jack, Tony, Bill and Chloe, working together. Feels like 2005 all over again.

Samantha Roth really got a raw deal, didn't she? Literally being stabbed in the back is no way to die. I'd rather have her around than Henry Taylor. We kick off the seventh hour of season seven back at FBI headquarters. Sean found a satellite image of the van that was used to kidnap Mutobo. Janis might have found some way to track the CIP device or something. Janis and Sean spout some stilted, expositional dialogue.

Henry Taylor lies on the floor, with dead Male Model Agent next to him. He can't answer a phone, but he can kill a guy. Fancy poison, that stuff. Moss talks to Ethan, but there's nothing to report. Moss believes that Walker is dead, the poor guy. Chloe tracks Mutobo, they see the building that they've taken him into. Dubaku paces in an evil manner, in the way too dark control room. How do you see anything in there? Dubaku is going to make the safety valves fail at a chemical plant in that small Ohio town. Dubaku and Mutobo have a contentious discussion. Mutobo calls Dubaku a traitor, and Dubaku has little to say in response. The plan is to send Mutobo back to Sangala, where he will tell General Juma all the names of his fellow traitors. Mutobo will not spill any names.

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