'Jersey Shore' Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

Cat fight! Like a guidette-sponsored Sunday night dinner, this week's rough and tumble 'Jersey Shore' was well worth the wait -- and it packed more than just a JWoww punch.

Self-proclaimed tough cookie JWoww was on a tear. It's hard to tell exactly what set her off-Sam's poor me routine, Sam's inability to grow a pair, Sam's continual return to the roidy arms of her cheating beaux Ron-but if bets were being made, I'd say she's just as sick of this Heidi and Spencer crap as the rest of us.

So Jenni lobbed a few casual F-bombs at Sam and passive-aggressively cooked penne alla vodka (wait, how do you spell tomato?). Things finally came to a boil, as they are wont to do, after an evening of clubbing. Freshly wasted and ready to rumble, Jenni and Sammi traded barbs back at the house and argued about the meaning of true friendship.

A true friend will shave your neck as you pre-game or shuttle you to the local ophthalmologist's office should you come down with pink eye. A true friend will even let you hook up with their little sister. But will a loyal pal write you a shady, anonymous letter about your slimy BF? Sam let her French manicured nails do the talking and fluttered a resounding, NO!

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