'Entourage' - 'Hair' Recap Season 7, Episode 6

Vince, this is not becoming: Vinny Chase, passed out naked and face-down by his pool with his toes in the water while his porn star girlfriend takes a skinny dip. Not a good look for the possible star of a superhero franchise -- especially Air-Walker, who's kind of above such, er, mortal trappings?

We describe the final scene of this week's episode of 'Entourage,' and we applaud what we see. Not to suggest this is behavior to condone but rather to say it's a substantial plot turn of such weight so as to shake this whole 'Entourage' thing up. Ari Gold and Eric came upon the scene after a call from studio head Dana Gordon, who was concerned that Vince's recent conduct -- showing up tipsy for a meeting with Randall Wallace and Stan Lee, and the posting of video featuring a drunken Vince with Sasha Grey promoting Turtle's tequila on Vince's Twitter account -- makes him a question mark for the Air-Walker role. Vince's behavior has been spiraling out of control since he crashed a car while doing a stunt in this season's premiere. He seemed determined to live life to its fullest after the accident, and now it's come to this. The inflatable life raft in the pool next to Vince in the final scene was a subtly telling prop -- well done, 'Entourage' propmaster.

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