'Hung' - 'Beaverland' Recap Season 2, Episode 6

You know a show is caught in a lull when they resort to the classic "beaver in the basement" bit. No, that's not some euphemism or some industry term like "jumping the shark." It's as literal as it can get, and this week's 'Hung' is all about beavers, of both the buck-toothed and sexy bit variety.

The show opens with Jess and Ron asleep, when Jess is woken up by strange noises. When she follows them to the basement, she sees a beaver scurrying into the shadows ... and what follows is a string of metaphors and double entendre that would make whoever writes Britney Spears songs blush. I'd like to think that the show initiated Operation Beaver to tap into some of that 'Sopranos' mojo, using the beaver like Tony's ducks (among other animals) to represent something bigger, something thematic, but my gut tells me they just did it for the cheap, easy giggle of the "beaver means vagina" realization.

The kids appear in the next scene, and it is their only one of this episode. Just when you thought it was going to be about Damon, they yank both kids from the episode, yet they continue to say what everyone else is thinking and or hiding: that Ray still has feelings for Jess, that Jess might be imagining the beaver, that Ronny and Jess are trying to have a baby. There's also a tension between Darby and Damon where a creepy obsession once lived.

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