'24' - '7:00 AM - 8:00 AM' Recap Season 8

The second hour of Fox's '24' double-bill kicked off with the hunt for the CTU mole. This was probably the stronger episode of the two that aired last night, considering the shocking development that ended the hour. This season still feels like its rehashing old plots and twists, but a few of tonight's scenes and images will probably be burned into the memories of fans for some time to come.

Head after the jump for the spoils.

CTU finally made Dana, and it was Chloe who learned about her double-dealing first. I was hoping we'd get to see another Chloe-Dana face-off, but it just wasn't in the cards. Instead, Dana shot her way out of the building (poor Jim, he was just doing his job) and she even made it to her car. (How the hell did she make it to her car?) Luckily, Cole seemed to gain superpowers after learning about Dana's betrayal, and he was able to capture her before she got away.

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