'Hung' - 'Great Sausage or Can I Call You Dick?' Recap Season 2, Episode 2

Before I even get started, I feel the need to state that 'Hung' deserves bonus points for setting the show in Detroit. It's fittingly ballsy.

This week's episode delves deeper into the male psyche than I think most people are comfortable with, only because we're not used to delving into the male psyche. Most of us assume men don't think about anything outside of food, sex, trucks and Seagal movies, but Ray (Thomas Jane) has been doing a lot more thinking than laying pipe.

(Side note: my biggest challenge with these recaps is to find new and exciting euphemisms for the F-bomb.)

As this season unfolds, we're starting to see how specific elements of Ray begin to project onto the women in his life. His brain is currently represented by Claire, the pregnant client who Ray believes is throwing away her life . This week, he begins to interject his opinion about her personal life, and she reacts negatively, since she enjoys "working on the nursery and getting screwed everyday." Ray has to decide whether to continue seeing her as a client, or to tell her how he feels, and allow her to "fix" her life. Ray's brain trumps his wiener.

This conflict leads directly to Ray's heart, represented by Jessica, his ex-wife. Banging a pregnant woman in your spare time seems to conjure up feelings of nostalgia and regret in a dude's life (who knew?), and now his heart is starting to lean back toward his family ... the family that is fractured ... the family he wants Claire to have. Meanwhile, the writers continue to dangle the old "will they or won't they" (made famous by 'Who's the Boss') angle, as Lenore continues to attempt to match Ray with Jessica, as ho and trick. Definitely a reason to continue watching, because this is a twist on the tired old sitcom convention... and by "twist," I mean "a woman may seek a male prostitute who is her ex-husband, unbeknownst to her." BOOM! Ray's heart trumps his brain.

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