'Entourage' -- 'Buzzed' Recap Season 7, Episode 2

Are you ready for some football?

Hollywood super agent Ari Gold, who met with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on this week's episode of 'Entourage,' certainly is.

But first, a little back story is due. The National Football League, the most popular sports league in America, doesn't have a franchise in Los Angeles, the second biggest market in America. The Rams played in L.A. from 1946 to 1979, and then they moved to nearby Anaheim for 15 seasons until 1994 (after that, they moved to St. Louis). The Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982 and stayed until 1994, when they returned to their original city. Since then, the NFL hasn't fielded a team in the Los Angeles vicinity.

With football's popularity booming, the league probably isn't sweating this fact. But should the popularity dip, it would be essential to have a team in Hollywood to score big hometown L.A. ratings. So the notion that league owners would want to feel Ari out about owning a franchise in L.A. makes sense. Ari (Jeremy Piven) initially wanted to rep the league in TV contract negotiations -- a billion dollar-plus deal, incidentally -- but they decided to keep representation in house. But Ari and the agency's Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) sufficiently wooed Jones and his crew enough to ask Ari about possibly ownership.

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