Breaking Bad: "Abiquiu" Review Season 3, Episode 11

Ah damn. Breaking Bad has been one of the few shows on television to have amazing story arcs and characters, not just in each episode, but in the series as a whole. "Abiquiu" (good lord I hope I don't have to type that out any more) was a great example of this. Jesse may have found someone he cares for after trying to sell blue meth to a recovering addict and she awakened in him both his love for Jane and his care for children that we saw in Season 2. We were also called back to the episode where Combo was shot by a kid - you thought that was a throw-away, didn't you! - and found out Andrea's little brother is actually the one that shot him. Jesse's color scheme jumped from yellow (happy) in the flashback to gray (confusion, anger) in the present.

Unfortunately the one problem this show has had is Skyler (as a character). She's been on a moral high horse, she's snooped around, she's told people off, she's quietly accepted a fate, she's corrected people, she's been a freak (the sexy kind), and so on. She's been everything and everything and it looks like the one thing that made her her--being the reminder that what Walt is doing is wrong and potentially deadly for himself and everyone he loves - is gone.

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