The Simpsons: Season 21 Review

This season marked the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons. 20 years of anything would get a little stale after a while, and that's a complaint that has been railed against the series for a number of years now. But last year, after the series' switch to hi-def, The Simpsons seemed reenergized. Season 21 continued to move the series in an upward trajectory, perhaps with its anniversary celebration reigniting some passion and creativity.

This isn't to say the season was perfect from end to end. There were a number of episodes that failed to impress, but on the majority of our Sunday nights, we could be found smiling and laughing and enjoying what the series had to offer. Perhaps it was fitting that outsiders wrote the first episode of the season. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, famous for penning the R-rated, penis-drawing-filled Superbad, delivered "Homer The Whopper." Instead of bringing their raunchy comedy style to the series, these life-long fans of The Simpsons gave us a solid, funny episode that took its cues from Season 8 era Simpsons. They delivered a familiar feeling episode, but not one that felt like a retread. Leave it to a couple of talented fans to remind viewers what the series is capable of.

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