The Family Rooster Reminds Kate of Jon on 'Kate Plus 8' (VIDEO)

An incident with a rooster at the family's Pennsylvania home reminds Kate Gosselin of a certain other male animal in her life.

On 'Kate Plus 8' (Sun., 9:30PM ET on TLC), Gosselin adds a rooster to the kids' pet henhouse, but "the poor thing was henpecked," says Gosselin. "They were just relentlessly picking on him. And I just needed to get him out of there so he could have some peace. There's possibly some irony: We've got issues with roosters," she hints.

Later, while struggling to get her brood organized, she says, "Suddenly a one-bedroom apartment seems very attractive" -- another reference to ex-husband Jon. At one point, she screams and says, "It's like working with a bunch of ... [chuckles] kindergartners!"

"We are in kindergarten," her son helpfully points out.

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