Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 6, Episode 5 - Favor the Bold

"Favor the Bold" is a sixth-season episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It has an average fan rating of 4.5/5 on the official Star Trek website as of September, 2009.

Captain Benjamin Sisko decides to retake Deep Space Nine in order to bolster sagging Federation morale. He plans a large force in order to do so but it will take some time. The Klingons are unwilling to commit a large force, so General Martok and Worf must leave to convince the High Council.

Rom faces execution for attempting to foil the plan to destroy the self-replicating mine-field. This field is the only thing keeping Dominion reinforcements from showing up through the wormhole. It will take about a week before the field can be eliminated.

Jake Sisko learns of this and manages to convey this information to his father; Morn delivers the message as he was going home to visit his mother. Sisko realizes he must take the station now, though his fleet is nowhere near large enough.

While all this is going on, Odo's loyalties become confused and Ziyal, daughter of Dukat becomes entangled in station politics and policy decisions.

With a fleet consisting of 600 vessels, Sisko arrives near Deep Space Nine facing a Cardassian-Dominion fleet of 1254 ships. He turns to his crew and says "There's an old saying: 'fortune favors the bold'. I guess we're about to find out." Operation Return has begun.

Source: Wikipedia

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