'America's Got Talent': Thia Megia vs Arcadian Broad

Yesterday on "America's Got Talent," five acts advance and five go home. But who cares about that because MARIAH CAREY!

Nick Cannon welcomes us to the show. Hey, did you know his wife is Mariah Carey and that she performed lst Night? I had NO IDEA!

I will reiterate: there was no reason why Manuela Horn, the Diva League or Lake Houston should've performed last night. Blech. If any of them advance, I will be just fit to be tied. I think the little dancing girls benefited a lot from some very generous camera work.

We then have a needless video recap of last night and we welcome the judges. Nick and Piers get into Acrodunkgate by examining the footage of last night to see if they did, in fact, miss the last dunk of their routine. Sharon bets him $500 that they made it. The footage reveals that they did make the dunk. Man, thank god they did that... now I can sleep tonight.

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