GOSSIP GIRL ''Belles de Jour'' Advance Review

GOSSIP GIRL Belles de Jour Season 4 Episode 1 Review - GOSSIP GIRL returns this Monday, September 13th on the CW it’s hard for me to imagine anyone more excited that yours truly. Season Three’s finale was explosive to say the least and it left Season 4 with a lot to work with. I got the chance to check out an advanced copy of the first episode of the new season “Belles de Jour” (Season 4 Episode 1) so I can share a little bit about it with you now. Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any major spoilers.

Before we dive into Belles de Jour let’s first discuss how Season 3 ended. If you can remember Serena’s father showed up in town and caused all sorts of trouble - almost splitting up Rufus and Lily (who was recovering from cancer). Serena, who was unable to decide between Dan and Nate, flees to Paris with Blair. Blair decided to meet Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building to rekindle their romance when Derota goes into labor. She doesn’t make it in time which leaves Chuck believing that she doesn’t love him. Jenny, who had been on a mission all season to self destruct decides to catch Chuck on the rebound and lose her virginity to him. Blair shows up, learns the truth right before Chuck can propose and breaks up with him (and also banishes Jenny). THEN, if things could get any more awesome two HUGE things happen. The first is that Georgina shows up at Dan’s door preggers and claiming the baby is Dan’s and Chuck heads to Prague where he’s mugged and SHOT.

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