'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Dead in the Water Season 15, Episode 4

Tonight on America's Next Top Model: It's all about professionalism. Whether you're riding a roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm with Joe the Plumber or being posed as an "Elizabethan mermaid" (whatever that means) by the godlike Matthew Rolston, it's important to always act--and look--your best.

Where we left off last week: Lexie is still reeling from getting called "deaditorial" (Best. Tyra-ism. EVER.) and worries she could go home this week. The other girls are starting to get threatened by Ann, who had the best photo two weeks in a row. Especially Rhianna, which means we should be on elimination-watch for her today.

Kacey decides she wants to see her male model from last week again, so she takes it upon herself to organize a barbecue and invite the guys over. Wait. The models organizing get-togethers? Man-meat in the model house? This is all so ... confusing.

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