Should Season 8 be the Last Season of 'Hell's Kitchen?'

When you have a Band-Aid stuck to your skin, they say the best way to deal with the pain of removal is to rip it off quickly. Do you think that's what Fox had in mind when they scheduled this season of Hell's Kitchen? We're only two weeks in and already we've lost five contestants. Next week is another two hour shows so at this rate, we'll know the winner by Halloween!

I'm not complaining about the fact that Hell's Kitchen is running back-to-back episode each week, as this season simply isn't working. Maybe it's the fact that we've seen this all before. The salmon is raw, Ramsay screams and smashes it. The risotto is too salty, into the trash! More moaning, more eye rolling -- we might have believed it at first but now we know it's just an act.

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