Heroes S03E13 "Dual"

It's great that they've finally killed off all of the "extra" characters. The plot has returned to it's original plot of evil versus good with a twist. It actually reminds me a lot of x-men without the fancy looks and colorful costumes. =) My favorite is Hiro Nakamura with his innocence yet innate sensitivity and ferocious sense of responsibility. I don't like Peter Petrelli, his character may seem important but if you really think about it, he can actually be killed off and nothing much would be affected plot-wise right? With his constant shaking of head like he has Sylar's or Parkman's ability to listen to unsaid words, it's annoying to see him ruin a serious scene. LOL! Kudos to Tim Kring and the other writers for getting Heroes back on track!


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Dec 16, 2008 11:03PM EST

peter does hav parkman's ability to listen to unsaid words.. so he can shake his head...lol.

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