The Office Season 6, Episode 8: "Koi Pond" - Recap

It's a scare fare for Halloween when the branch organizes a haunted house for community children. Meanwhile, Michael literally plunges into an important business meeting and falls into a koi pond! And, Pam and Andy use cold-calling methods.

It's Halloween in Pennsylvania, so The Office and all of its workers decide to throw a Halloween haunted house for children. We have Dwight as "the Saw guy," Creed as a vampire who is buying/selling peoples' blood and Michael - oh, Michael - as a d--k in a box! Of course, everyone tries to freak out the kids via traditional Halloween methods. But frights are not had, until Michael attempts to hang himself. The children are terrified by his disturbing display of daftness. I'll say it again: Oh, Michael!

Jim takes a meeting with a local buyer, but he is encouraged to bring Michael. (Well, more than encouraged, he is actually asked to bring Michael.) Slowly but surely, we see that Michael really does have some biz cred. Michael knows how to prep for a meeting, and he helps Jim by explaining everything that he needs to know - right down to the very watch he should wear!

We don't see it, but apparently at the meeting, Michael falls into a koi pond in the business' lobby. Michael attempts to hide this from his office, but a call to the Scranton branch spews forth the story. Hilarity ensues as his employees taunt him with hysterical puns. Needless to say, Michael is less than pleased since he is used to being the "face" of the joke, not the "butt."

Michael is so beyond embarrassed that he calls an all-office meeting. We all know that Michael likes to poke fun at the office, but he enacts a "do not mock list" (ergo, "Don't make fun of Michael!"). As others confess what they do not want laughed at, Michael finds ways of (albeit innocently) subversively mocking them. (Meredith's confession? Apparently, she's had sex with a terrorist! Classic!)

Michael attempts to "out embarrass" the others and beat them to the joke by embarrassing himself before they can. He tells stories about his past that would make anyone blush, but no one is impressed - or put-off. Instead, they sit in stone-cold silence and take it all in. His revelations are nothing short of an embarrassing meltdown in every sense of the self-deprecating word!

Meanwhile, Andy and Pam make cold-calls in order to score some new clients. One of the reps mistakes them (and Pam's extremely pregnant condition) as a couple. This happens twice, but instead of explaining the truth, Andy comes up with a concocted lie that he and his "on-a-scale 9" girlfriend are utilizing Pam as a surrogate. Needless to say, a sale is not made - only an uncomfortable situation.

At a second office call, however, the duo eventually gives up denying their relationship because it appears to be bad for business! Instead, they encourage their (unreal) relationship. Andy almost starts to actually believe the lie. Eventually, both Pam and Andy come to a secret understanding and have a based-in-reality discussion. But still, despite their attempts at faux-romance and inter-playfulness, no sales are made.

A tape surfaces, and it's the security tape of Michael's fall into the koi pond. Of course, the entire office is dying to see it. Jim encourages them not to watch it (what a great guy!). But then, we see the tape and discover that Jim actually aided in the fall! Well, he didn't aid in it so much as he "purposefully leaned away" and allowed Michael to fall face-first into the koi pond. Jim is a second-degree culprit!

But why is it all OK? Because Jim admits that he is "jealous" of Michael - for real. He envies Michael's experience and apparent business-related acumen. Michael is warmed by this and, again, all is right in his world.

All and all, we've got the typical office antics (especially the Halloween-related ones) combined with Michael's ever-needy need for approval and Andy's ever-needy need for love. It was a great episode with some hysterical Meredith highlights, if I do say so myself. What do you think? Enough Halloween tie-ins? What do you think about Michael falling into the koi pond? And do you think Pam and Andy would make a good couple? I think so - and perhaps that's the scariest thought of them all!

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