'Treme' season finale: Going out dancing Season 1, Episode 10

It is difficult to invent a new rhythm for TV storytelling, yet that’s what Treme has accomplished as it closed out its first season this week. Treme adapted the roiling rumble of second-line dancing to the pace of an hour-long drama each week. I’m really glad the series has been renewed for a second season even as I have my reservations about the season’s various plots and pace.

Last night, one major event was the follow-up to last week’s startling conclusion: John Goodman’s Creighton Bernette committing suicide by drowning. This week’s extra-long episode, entitled “I’ll Fly Away,” dealt with the aftermath of that terrible act. It had been fascinating to watch Goodman and the show’s writers dramatize what it’s like to be a blocked writer, an academic stuck teaching freshman English when he knows he should be tackling that Big Book He’s Meant To Write.

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